Amazon Target Market Demographics

Amazon, unlike some other online retailers, primarily sells products that people need to live day to day, including food, clothing and home goods. The key drivers of Amazon’s customer base demographics are its customers’ income levels and education. According to a survey conducted by Bank of America Merrill Lynch and Bain & Company, Amazon has a market share of about 40% in e-commerce so far; this means that nearly half of all American households (49%) are shopping via the world’s biggest e-commerce company.

Amazon is a global commerce company that allows millions of third-party sellers to sell their products on the site. It’s a massive marketplace that’s constantly growing, but there are a handful of reasons why it’s popular among certain demographics.


Amazon is a retail website company, owned and operated by Jeff Bezos. It’s the world’s largest online shopping store. Amazon is primarily an online retailer of goods such as computer hardware, software and consumer electronics and digital media such as books, DVDs/Blu-Ray discs, music/DVDs/CDs, video games, electronics and cameras.

Amazon customers are the people who typically buy everything on the Internet, including books, electronics and groceries. Amazon also offers tools to help you find products and organize your online shopping life.

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Amazon’s products are sold in many different countries and too many different types of people. The company focuses on offering the best prices to individual users, so they might not have the same needs as companies that use their services to distribute products wholesale. Amazon appears to be making major changes in their search engine this time around, which could have an effect on their customer demographics and make them more appealing across the world.

The Amazon market consists of nearly 300 million consumers around the world. Amazon’s largest customers, as well as most high-volume customers, come from two groups: transactional buyers and service/mechanical buyers. The transactional buyer is a buyer who purchases products for one or more specific needs or wants. These buyers are willing to pay for convenience, speed and selection which make them a great target for e-commerce. The service or mechanical buyer is essentially an everyday home user who may use their device for everything from streaming video to remotely managing thermostats in their home. These consumers are willing to spend extra money if it saves them time or makes their lives easier.

Amazon is a global e-commerce which sells millions of product for customers around the world. It’s the biggest online retailer in the world who sells almost anything you can think of, from high-tech gadgets to vintage jewelry, to groceries, household goods and more. There is no doubt that Amazon has been a big success story.

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