How much Duplicate Content is Acceptable

A duplicate content penalty is a penalty that Google can apply to a search result, when it detects duplicate content (more than one legitimate site with the same or similar information) within that result. It’s designed to encourage webmasters to remove unnecessary duplicate content from their sites, so that their pages are more relevant and useful to users.

The copyright holder does not have broad discretion over what to allow and what not to allow. We require that all content uploaded must be original, meaning it cannot be copied from other sources. In the event that you are found in violation of this policy, your rights may be removed and your account will be suspended.


Plagiarism is not just a form of lying, it’s becoming a rampant problem in today’s business environment. If you are guilty of copying information from another source without credit and attribution, or if you are found to be using content without proper clearance, you may risk getting blacklisted from the Internet as well as being sued for copyright infringement and other related charges.

Not much. Only actually useful information should be duplicated, not just parts of the page that might seem helpful to a visitor at first glance.

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