How to Share a Promotion on LinkedIn

Sharing a promotion on LinkedIn is a great way to promote your business and raise awareness about what you do. The three main ways to share promotions are by the main social networks, by email and LinkedIn Groups.

You can share a promotion on LinkedIn by embedding the promotion landing page (URL) into your profile or a link to it. When you do so, you’ll find that your experience from the platform appears under “Resume Highlights” in people’s profiles and you can respond with more information about their query.

Business offer

You can promote any type of business offer, sale, or other information. That can be targeted to active members who are looking to start a business. People will often ask if they can share a promotion with specific audiences on LinkedIn, and the short answer is yes!

In this post, I show you how to share your promotion within the LinkedIn Recommendations module.

To share a promotion on LinkedIn, click Share to the left of a specific promotion in your recommendations.

LinkedIn Promotions

Promotions on LinkedIn show you’re giving something away and getting more traffic. To share this public link, create a blog post or video about your promotion that’s exclusive to LinkedIn—and make sure anyone who follows the lead will receive it too.

LinkedIn is a business marketing platform. Many people use it as an alternative way to doing business with one another. LinkedIn offers companies a variety of ways to get their products, and services out there so that people can find them easily.

LinkedIn and other social media channels have become a cornerstone of many brands’ marketing plans. But getting your content shared can be an uphill battle. Often, you have to build up a following first before you can share your message with fans. We show you how to use LinkedIn’s unique features — like the distribution panel and audience link — for effective sharing.

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