What is a Callout Extension Google Ads

A callout extension is an extension of Google Ads that are designed to highlight certain keywords at a specified time. It is a very effective for SEO but the cost of it is high and not enough features these days.

A callout extension is an ad that has a user interface showing the names and images of specific products or services in your ads. Callouts help you get the attention of potential buyers so they can learn more, click on the ads and make a purchase online.

A callout extension allows you to show your ad to people who live in the location of your choice. Your ad will appear on Google Maps, and nearby phones and devices may see it as well.

Extensions Help

Callout extensions help you drive clicks from Google Ads to your website, by linking directly to a particular image or video on your site. They can help increase your ad’s reach and engagement and drastically improve the flow of traffic from Google to your site. But, unless you write and publish several thousand calls-to-action, you can’t expect them to drive meaningful traffic. So how do provide value without actually earning revenue?

A callout extension for Google ads is a display ad in box with more information and a call to action that is designed to draw attention to brand.

Google AdWords

A callout extension makes it easy for you to add a callout extension and link on your Google Ads feed.

Google AdWords callout extensions are ad extensions that can include text, pictures and more to capture customers’ attention.

Callout extensions allow you to place a callout ad within another ad. For example, if you are running an ad for a specific product and have numerous sellers in your marketplace, you may wish to incentivize shoppers to click the item they like the most by offering a discount on the seller’s product page.

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