What is Negative Keywords in SEO

Negative keywords are keywords that may be used as part of a search query to exclude specific terms from being included in the results, excluding the sites that contain those terms

Negative keywords are typically used to exclude search queries (such as “bank”) from a search, and to prevent people from searching for terms that contain inappropriate content.

Negative keywords are search terms that you may want to exclude from your paid advertisements (also known as local, or paid search). A negative keyword is similar to a regular keyword, but it tells Google not to show certain keywords in your ads.

Negative keywords are a way for search engines to exclude your site from their list of “targeted” pages. They do this, in essence, by tagging your content using keywords that you know cannot be used on your website.

Important and effective

Negative keywords are the most important and effective tool for a search engine to give a website better visibility. The reason why is because search engines will only display a website that has your targeted keywords and phrases relevant to your conversion goals.

The purpose of negative keywords is to exclude any undesirable search terms from appearing in a search engine result. Many companies use both positive and negative keywords to boost the volume of their traffic from search engines. But only concern yourself with negative keywords when you want to exclude certain types of searches from appearing in your organic listing.

Exact Search Result

Negative keywords are those keywords that are included in a search query to exclude the exact search result of your website. The reason why they are considered negative is because they do not create any value for your website and renders it less visible on Google SERP. Negative keywords are the words you choose to exclude from your ad and you do this to certain parts of a keyword. So, if you were advertising a product that is pink and can be boiled. Then negative keywords would include words such as ‘tantalizing’ or ‘satin-covered’.

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